When do the doors open?  Can I reserve seats?
Answer:  Doors open half an hour to an hour before the show.  There are no reserved seats.  Arrangements can be made for handicapped audience members.  Please contact CPAM in advance, if possible.

Where can I see it?
Answer:  Tetélestai is performed at various churches, schools and theatres throughout the midwest.  Please see the Performance Schedule for details.

Can I bring my small children?
Answer:  Many small children have come to see Tetélestai over the years.  They love to “meet Jesus” after the show!  However, the show does vividly portray the death of Jesus on the cross.  We recommend that parents see the show before bringing very small children.

Are the performers paid?
Answer:  Our performers are all volunteers!  They are not professionals and they are not paid.  Their reward awaits in the smiles and hugs of those who have witnessed the show and ultimately, with their father in heaven.

How long does the performance last?
Answer:  Each performance lasts for approximately 2 hours, with a half-hour intermission.  There is usually a reception following each performance.  This includes refreshments and a chance to meet, mingle and pray with the cast and fellow audience members.

Is the show accessible for the handicapped?
Answer:  Most of the churches we play are handicap-accessible.  We have cast willing to help move and maneuver wheel chairs.  Please feel free to contact us if you have a unique situation.  Braille programs are available for those who are visually impaired.  Please see the house or tech crew for details.  Thank you!

What happens to my free-will offering?
Answer:  The donations collected after each performance cover a variety of costs.  These include the lighting and sound systems used for each performance.  Funds also help cover costumes, stage purchase and maintenance, props, storage, insurance, buses for travel and rehearsal costs.  The cast itself participates in a variety of fundraisers throughout the year in order to help cover costs.

How can I bring Tetélestai to my church or other venue?
Answer:  Tetélestai has been blessed to be invited to many different churches, schools and theatres over the past 35 years.  If you are interested in having Tetélestai at your venue, please have a pastor, minister or administrator contact CPAM.  We will let you know what bringing Tetélestai to your site involves and can come to a mutual decision from that point.

What is “CPAM?”
Answer:  Cleveland Performing Arts Ministries (CPAM) is a non-profit organization that produces Tetélestai in Northeastern Ohio.

Answer:  Tetélestai (Greek — meaning “It is Finished”) is a musical passion play about the last week in Jesus’ life.  The ministry vividly portrays His triumphant entry into Jerusalem, His trial, execution and His resurrection.

Who wrote it?
Answer:  The play originated in the minds of two young college students, Russ and Joel Nagy from Upper Arlington Lutheran Church in Columbus.  Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Russ composed the contemporary music score, while Joel put the script and lyrics together by laying out the Gospels side-by-side.  They depicted the words of Jesus in an historically accurate setting with a contemporary message for today’s audience.

How did it come to Northeastern Ohio?
Answer:  Tetélestai was first staged in Northeastern Ohio by a group of people who felt the message was too powerful to let go.  A committee that eventually evolved into CPAM was formed to continue the ministry.

Who participates?
Answer:  Over the years, Tetélestai has included individuals and families from many different walks of life and religious backgrounds.  The common thread that ties our cast and crew together is our love of Jesus Christ and our desire to proclaim the gospel of salvation.

 How do you pronounce Tetélestai?  What does Tetélestai mean?
Answer:  Tetélestai (pronounced “tuh-tell-uh-sty”) is a Greek word meaning “it is finished” or “paid in full.”  This was the last phrase that Jesus spoke before he died.

How much does it cost?
Answer:  There are no tickets for Tetélestai.  All performances are free and open to the public.  Seating is on a first come, first serve basis.  Doors open one hour before each performance time.  There are no reserved seats.