Hosting Tetélestai

Please contact our Executive Director, Matt Griffith @, if your community is interested in hosting the 2022 Season of Tetelestai.

How would you feel about bringing the living, breathing Gospel to your faith community to enhance your Easter preparations? For over three decades, Cleveland Performing Arts Ministries has been producing Tetélestai: A musical portrayal of the Trial, Execution and Resurrection of Jesus the Messiah. It has been performed at hundreds of churches and other venues within a 500 mile radius of Cleveland, Ohio, and over the years has gained a reputation for both musical excellence and scriptural authenticity. Believers and non-believers alike have been moved by the words of the Bible brought to life by this dynamic presentation. Through timeless music and an historically costumed re-enactment, viewers are transported to the days of Jesus and can “walk a mile in His sandals.”

Tetélestai is presented at a different host Church each weekend during the Lenten season on Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon without an admission charge and is supported by free will offerings generously donated by audience members. Please watch our “Short Promo Video” to get an idea of what our ministry is all about. Please contact us at for additional information. Thank you!
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