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We were honored to have The Most Reverend Nelson J. Perez from the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland attend one of our rehearsals and provide some words of encouragement!  Thank you, Bishop Perez!

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Suggestions for proper publicity usage

1.     Please maintain identity (don’t skew logos, colors, fonts, etc – unless there is a purpose).
2.     Use proper notation whenever possible. For example, “Tetélestai” should always include the accent over the second “e.”   Because “Tetélestai” is a foreign word, it should always either be in italics (Tetélestai) or in quotes (“Tetélestai”).
3.     Tetélestai’s tag line is “The trial, execution and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah.” CPAM’s Mission statement is: We are a Northern Ohio Christian community, called by God to proclaim the Gospel (Mark 16:15) through the prayerful re-enactment of Christ’s sacrifice and triumph over death. Led by the Holy Spirit, we strive to promote Christ’s teachings in lives and hearts during the Lenten Season.
4.     Tetélestai is a production of Cleveland Performing Arts Ministries (CPAM).
5.     Tetélestai, Inc. (Joel & Russ Nagy, Columbus) created Tetélestai. We perform it with their permission, have a contract and pay royalties. We MUST include the following disclaimer on all literature: “Tetélestai is a registered service mark of Tetélestai, Inc.” and or use the ® mark where applicable.
6.     Permission must be obtained for all photos utilized in any manner (print, web, flyers, etc.) All photos must be given proper credit (date, name of photographer & ideally place – ex: Photo taken by John Doe on 11/10/10 at St. Mary’s, Hudson).
7.     CPAM is a non-profit entity. All donations are tax-deductible.
8.     Be excited! Be positive! We are sharing the Good News!